Barra de Potosi

Sendas del Mar is a three minute walk from the village of Barra de Potosi, a traditional Mexican fishing village with three short streets and fewer than 500 residents.  The village has a few small grocery stores and simple restaurants. The lagoon and beachfront host a dozen or so large open air restaurants called enramadas that offer fresh seafood meals during the day.

The village sits at the mouth of the largest lagoon in the region. It is ringed by mangroves that provides the launching area for the small open fishing boats that the local men take out everyday to hand line red snapper or net sardines and other fish.  Pelicans and shore birds flock the shore.

From the village, the beach Playa Blanca stretches north for nine miles along a shallow bay ringed by a pure sand beach. The beach has a smattering of vacation homes, a few B&B’s and restaurants, and the homes of locals, but by tourist standards it is largely undeveloped and remains very simple, peaceful and laid back.