Directions to Sendas del Mar

What makes the location unusually attractive to international visitors is that the Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa airport is only 15 minutes away from Sendas del Mar. The airport code is ZIH. A variety of carriers offer regular service from the United States and Canada either direct or with an easy connection through Mexico City.


TAXI SERVICE is available right at the airport and is very easy, so it’s not necessary to rent a car unless you want to do a lot of day trips. Taxis from the Zihuatanejo Ixtapa airport will take you directly to Barra de Potosi and Sendas del Mar.   Tell the cabdriver that Sendas del Mar is Lote 64 in Barra de Potosi along the Playa Blanca beach road. We are located just past the school at the big terracota wall with wooden gates. Ring the brass bell on the gate when you arrive.

CAR RENTALS are available at the Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa airport. Thrifty, Alamo and Budget rental agencies all operate there.  If you rent a car, check the following driving directions.


Drive south out of Zihutantejo on the main road (Mex 200), first going up the hill with topiary trees in the median and then downhill on the divided highway towards the airport. After the road flatten out, there is a division with Mex 200 turning left.  You stay straight towards the airport.  As you approach it, there are several stores on the right shaded by large parota trees. Just past those and just before the airport, there is a sign and a right turn towards Barra de Potosi.  The corner is often obscured by parked taxis.  Take that right turn. Once you are on the road, it heads towards the ocean for about a kilometer and then turns left.  You stay on the beach road which runs along Playa Blanca for about ten kilometers until you approach Barra de Potosi.  You pass the schools on the right and Sendas del Mar is immediately beyond; you will recognize it by the long terracota wall, the turtle sign that says 64 and the large wooden gate. Ring the bell to call our managers. Driving time from the airport is 15 minutes.


If you rent a car, the rental outfit can tell you how to get on the road to Barra de Potosi.  The turn is right at the airport entrance, but the rental agencies are scattered around it so it is hard to say if you will take a left or right.   The directions above about driving from Zihuatanejo tell you what to do once you are on the beach road to Barra.